Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath - Spring Equinox

Friday 22 March 2024
8:30pm - 9:15pm

Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre, Reigate


Experience Level:
Suitable for everyone

Spring is a time of new beginnings. When we look outside we can see nature coming to life once more after it's winter rest. This is a time when we should feel our own energy start to lift in tune with nature’s energy around us.  It is a time for manifesting the ideas and inspirations that have been growing in our minds through the winter.

The Yoga Nidra for this session will revive the body and mind helping us to delve into Spring with an abundance of positive energy. The state of Yoga Nidra helps to clear unhelpful clutter from our minds giving space for us to move forward. So often the busy-ness of our lives prevents us from having a clear view of the most productive path to take.  Practicing Yoga Nidra at this time can help us gain some clarity about manifesting our ideas and intentions as well as boosting our inspiration and creativity.

Tibetan singing bowls will be incorporated into the practice to help access the state of Yoga Nidra and awaken the inherent creative energy within each of us.  In addition to the benefits during the practice itself, both Yoga Nidra and sound baths can promote a good night’s sleep, helping you to carry the benefits with you beyond the duration of the session.

You will be slowly guided out at the end and we will spend some time grounding our energy leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to move into the next part of the year with purpose and vitality.

Everything is provided for your comfort, but feel free to bring your own yoga mat to lie on as well as blankets, eye bags and anything you may need to make you completely comfortable.


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