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All Ayurveda consultations, yoga sessions and in-person Reiki treatments take place at Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre. I have regular appointments available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (last appointment 4pm). There are evening appointments available one Wednesday a month (last appointment 8pm) and weekend appointments available one Saturday per month.

If none of these are suitable for you, then please contact me directly to discuss an alternative time.


Initial Ayurveda Consultation (60mins) - £55

A full consultation for new Ayurveda clients. This involves in depth questionaire, tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis. After the consultation, you will receive a comprehensive therapy plan which includes recommendations for diet, herbs, lifestyle, yoga and self massage.

Follow Up Ayurveda Consultation (30 mins) £25

If you have already had your initial consultation with me and are looking to book a follow up, then please contact me. This currently can't be booked online.


Private Yoga Session (60mins) £50

A personal yoga session for one or two people. The session will target any areas you wish to focus on, whether this is physical practice, meditation or philosophy. After booking, I will get in touch for a brief chat about what you would like to achieve as well as to find out about any injuries you may have.


In Person (60mins) £60 / (45mins) £45

Consultation to understand what you need from the session followed by Reiki in a calm relaxing environment.

Distance (60mins) £50 / (45mins) £35

Reiki from the comfort of your own home. Initial consultation is done over phone or zoom. I will contact you prior to the appointment to find your preference. Suitable for those unable to travel to the therapy centre.


Save money by booking more than one appointment at the same time. Save £10 when you book 2 appointments or save £15 when booking 3 appointments.

Appointments can be booked for different days when booking a package.

If you have already had an initial Ayurveda consultation with me and would like to book a follow up combined with a Private Yoga Session, Reiki Treatment or both and take advantage of the saving, then please contact me as follow up appointments cannot currently be booked online.

Ayurveda Consultation (60mins) + Private Yoga Session (60mins) - £95

This includes the initial Ayurvedic consultation and full therapy plan as well as a one hour private yoga session that is customised for you, both in terms of yoga experience and based on the consultation.

Ayurveda Consultation (60mins) + Reiki Treatment (60mins) - £105

A holistic wellbeing package tailored to you. Ayurveda consultation includes indepth therapy plan. You can then take time to relax and receive a healing energy treatment.

Private Yoga (60mins) + Reiki Treatment (60mins) - £100

Work with a senior yoga teacher to get the most out of your practice, whether you are a complete yoga beginner or more experienced. Private yoga sessions are also the perfect solution for anyone unable to attend group class for any reason. Follow the yoga session with the ultimate relaxation in the form of a one hour Reiki treatment.

Ayurveda Consultation (60mins) + Private Yoga (60mins) + Reiki Treatment (60mins) - £150

The Ultimate Holistic Package to work with the body, mind and energy.

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