If you are looking for a complementary therapy to help you feel balanced throughout then Reiki is a great option. Reiki originated from Japan and is a form of energetic healing. Once the recipient is settled comfortably, the Reiki therapist allows universal energy to flow through them for the wellbeing of their client.

While receiving the therapy, the person receiving it may feel a range of sensations such as heat, cold, twitching, a sense of relaxation, etc.... There are no right or wrong sensations and each session is unique.

Although you will be asked at the start of the session if there are any specific issues that you wish to focus on, this is not a therapy that has diagnosis or treatment; the therapist is there as a conduit for universal energy with its innate intelligence to work with the client and their current needs

Who is Reiki For?

Reiki can be for absolutely anyone! You may choose to have Reiki to:

  • Assist with treatment of a physical illness
  • To complement treatment for a mental illness
  • Ease stress
  • To help with sleep
  • Promote relaxation
  • To help restore balance when feeling a little out of sorts
  • Simply treat yourself with a little me-time and self care

The only requirement for receiving Reiki is an open mind.

What Does a Reiki Treatment Entail?

There will be an initial brief chat to ascertain if you have had Reiki before and explain what will happen if this is your first Reiki experience. This is also the time when I will find out if there is any specific reason why you have come for the session. You can also ask any questions you may have.

After that, I will assist you to get comfortable in preparation for the session. Traditionally Reiki is done with the client lying down but this isn't comfortable for everyone so the session can be conducted while you are seated in a chair if this is more suitable. The session will only begin once you are completely comfortable and if that level of comfort changes at any point during the treatment then we can pause when required to make adjustments.

Once you are settled and comfortable, the treatment will begin and you may be aware of me standing close to you and slowly moving around you. You may also be aware of my hands hovering over the body or in some areas gently resting on you (if it has been agreed prior to the start that you are happy with contact).

Once the treatment comes to an end, I will let you know and you can take your time to slowly open your eyes and sit up (if lying down).

There will be another brief chat once you are ready to check everything is ok, ask any questions and provide any feedback.

The whole session takes place in a relaxed environment at Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre in Reigate that is designed to make you feel at ease and comfortable throughout.

Distance Reiki

I also offer Distance Reiki if you would prefer to receive this treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Distance Reiki takes place with the therapist and the recipient at different locations. This is ideal if you do not live close to Reigate, are unable to travel or just prefer to enjoy the treatment in your own space.

The pre-treatment chat will be carried out over the phone or zoom. You will then ensure you are settled and comfortable for the duration of treatment. At the end, I will send a brief message, allowing you to respond with any feedback when you are ready. If you do wish to remain on zoom for the duration of the treatment to help feel you are maintaining contact with me as the therapist, then I am more than happy to do so.

Giving the Gift of Reiki

A Reiki session can make a wonderful gift for someone. If you know of anyone that would love to receive a session I have gift vouchers for sale for both in person and distance sessions which are either 1 hour or 45 minutes in length. The recipient can then book the session at a time that is suitable for them.


  • In Person (60mins) - £60
  • In Person (45mins) - £45
  • Distance (60mins) - £50
  • Distance (45mins) - £35

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Booking Form

Please note that payment is required at time of booking.


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